How is Omega Learning® Center different?

We know you have many choices when it comes to finding the right tutoring center for your child. We also recognize that skill gaps often go undetected until grades fall. Omega provides a comprehensive solution through our nationally recognized academic assessment and customized tutoring programs. Omega Learning® founders methodically created a superior tutoring system, inclusive of the following differentiating factors:

  • We communicate daily with parents and school teachers.
  • We build a custom program for each student.
  • We hire certified teachers.
  • We select ONE tutor to work with your student each week.
  • We are accredited by AdvancED and SACS.
  • We are a partner with your community.
  • We use common core-aligned supplemental curriculum.
  • We offer a comprehensive solution: AIM Tutoring System®

How does Omega recognize my student’s needs?

Omega offers a dynamic, comprehensive solution.

We use Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement – a nationally recognized, method of assessment also used by the public school system. This assessment is a tool that helps us identify skill gaps in specific academic areas within math and reading. Omega’s exclusive learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®, provides your Omega tutor with the initial insight to jump start your tutoring program by employing the most effective teaching strategies.

How much improvement can I expect with my program?

Omega students’ average academic growth is 2 years and 6 months after completing our 95-hour program.

We base our statistics on our students’ Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement pre- and post-program assessments. We’re so proud of our students and our results that we share our center’s academic growth statistics each year.

How will I know if Omega’s program is making a difference?

Omega tutors provide daily feedback to you and your child’s teachers at school.

We believe this communication with your child’s “academic team” creates a clear instructional plan, encourages reciprocal communication, and exponentially increases your child’s academic growth.

What happens in a tutoring session?

Omega understands that each student is unique and as such, our customized program includes a variety of key objectives: remediation, homework, test preparation, study skills, and enrichment.

Your student will have the same qualified tutor each week. They get to know your child’s learning style (auditory, visual, or tactile) and employ the appropriate teaching resources.

What makes an Omega tutor qualified to teach?

Omega tutors are certified, motivated teachers who care about your student’s success.

Many of our instructors also have master’s degrees, special education degrees, and experience with Orton-Gillingham’s multi- sensory instruction techniques. Our tutors must also complete the Omega Certification Program before they become an Omega Certified Tutor.

What curriculum does Omega use?

Omega tutors closely follow your student’s curriculum, as well as our enrichment-based common core aligned curriculum.

Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® provides supplemental teaching resources and our library of teaching materials to achieve lasting results.

How long is a tutoring session? How many hours a week?

Tutoring sessions are 1-2 hours in length. Most students attend 2 days per week for 1-2 hours per day.

Omega tutoring is available Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Omega works with your schedule to accommodate your needs and program goals.

How long is the entire Omega program?

Our comprehensive Math and Reading programs are each 95 hours in length.

These programs have been proven effective in achieving academic goals with lasting results. Each comprehensive program includes: Remediation, Homework Help, Study Skills, Test prep, and Enrichment. We also have additional programs of varying lengths, such as SAT/ACT Prep, Writing Skills, and Kindergarten Success.

How much does it cost?

Our average tutoring cost is $35-40 per hour of instruction. Omega offers two payment options: Monthly and Program Prepay. Individual centers may vary in pricing.

Do you help with homework? What about skill gaps?


Omega tutors already know your academic weaknesses from your Woodcock Johnson assessment results and are trained to fill skill gaps while helping your student understand and complete homework. Plus, our tutors help students build critical thinking skills throughout your program. Acquiring these skills will become increasingly important as your child is faced with new common core curriculum challenges.

When are payments due?

Payments are due on the first of each month.

Your monthly payments are based on your agreed upon program schedule. Complete details of your payment arrangement are agreed upon at the time of enrollment.

What teaching materials do your tutors use?

Our tutors combine your school curriculum and assignments with our proprietary “common core-aligned” curriculum.

By using a combination of instructional materials, our tutors can fill skill gaps, help with your school homework, and increase classroom performance. Our programs include all reading and math school subjects, including AP and honors courses.

Is the program guaranteed?


After completing your 95-hour math or reading program, if your student does not achieve 1 year academic growth in your program emphasis (comprehension or calculation) then you will receive 15 hours of free tutoring.