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We Are More Than Just A Tutoring Center

A decade of development has put us
light years ahead of our competition.

We Are More Than Just A Tutoring Center


A decade of development has put us light years ahead of our competition.

Trail Blazing The
Tutoring Industry

Tutoring & Test Preparation

Here at Omega Learning® Center, we understand that every student studies and takes tests differently. This is why we have created an entirely customizable tutoring session to help each student maximize their studying and test taking abilities. Our K-12 tutoring and test preparation services include:

Reading, Math, SAT/ACT* Test Prep, Study Skills, Kindergarten Success, Specialized Test Prep, State Test Prep, ESOL/ Spanish. Subject Tutoring, Exam Proctoring, Tutoring for Online Courses.

K-12 Online Courses

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ve embraced the opportunities and convenience that technology has provided us, our students, and their parents. We offer a wide variety of Internet-based courses that are easily accessible from virtually anywhere, at anytime. Being able to enroll in multiple courses provides flexibility to meet the unique academic and scheduling needs of the families we serve, no matter the reason.

Omega Private Academy® K-12

Omega Private Academy® is a well-respected private school that is one of our Cognia™ accredited educational services. Providing a rewarding alternative to a traditional or private school, our private academy provides small classrooms where our Omega-certified teachers use differentiated instructions to accommodate all types of learners in an effort to meet their academic needs.

After-School Programs

Our staple after-school program is called Crack-the-Code®. CTC is held over 12 weeks and helps elementary aged children (K-5) strengthen their deductive reasoning skills as they learn about encoding and decoding symbols from our Proprietary Cipher Chart. Each class is an hour long. This provides students an opportunity to compete against other teams while they work towards solving a semester-long riddle. When the semester ends, the mystery is solved and each student receives a goodie bag and loads of positive reinforcement! Much like the rest of Omega Learning® Center – there is simply no other after-school program that can compete with CTC.

Customer Reviews

Barbie E.

“I love the care that you use when helping my child. I love that you understand and adapt to his needs. He loved coming to tutoring and that speaks volumes!”

Melanie J.

“Omega Learning Center has been a wonderful experience for both my son and my family. I have seen tremendous growth in all areas, educational as well as confidence, due to his achievements. His math scores have improved drastically, and this year we hope to have him achieve national honors. The tutors are all certified teachers, and seem to offer as much empathy as teaching skills. Highly recommend!”

Lisa P.

“All three of my boys have attended the Omega Learning Center during the last two years and the results speak for themselves. Grades went up and so did their confidence. I like that I get an email after every session and the teachers do as well. Everybody is on the same page and the teachers can email the tutors back with any ideas about what they should concentrate on. I also don’t know what I would do without the homework help. That has been invaluable! I strongly recommend the Omega Learning Center in South Forsyth!”

Karen F.

“Both of my children have attended Omega Learning Center for tutoring. The Certified Teachers were very caring and went out of their way to teach in a way my kids could understand. The emails after each session explained what the kids worked on and how they did during that session. It was very helpful. I would highly recommend Omega to everyone!!”

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