Omega Tutors

Omega tutors are certified teachers
Omega Tutors Believe In:• Providing opportunity for growth
• Building student confidence
• Achieving academic success
• Encouraging critical thinking skills
• Communicating directly with schools
• Utilizing a tutoring system

Omega tutors are educated.

Many Omega tutors have master’s degrees and special education degrees, and must complete the Omega Certification Program.

Omega tutors produce results.

Omega tutors achieve results using their AIM Tutoring System®. The average academic growth is 2.6 years after completing our program.

Omega tutors are local.

Our tutors live and work in our community. They believe in the power of a strong education and its value for your child’s future.

Omega tutors are dynamic.

Our tutors engage their students and use auditory, visual, and tactile instructional methods to achieve lasting results.

Omega tutors are connected.

Omega tutors communicate with hundreds of teachers daily through our software system to help you achieve success.