High Market Demand

Omega Learning Center franchises offer AdvancED accredited tutoring and test preparation for ALL K-12 school subjects, as well as adult education. Our mission is to provide customized instruction that achieves each family’s educational goals. Because of our highly diversified tutoring services, the average student attends Omega Learning® Center franchise three times from Kindergarten to graduation.

  • Elementary School:
    Early reading, writing, or math reasoning
  • Middle School:
    Study Skills, Algebra, Spanish, or Reading Comprehension
  • High School:
    SAT/ACT* Prep, homework help for upper level math or AP Language Arts
Tutoring Advantage

tutoringphoto5.17.13Omega Learning® Center parents choose our superior tutoring services above all competitors. Franchisees have taken the market share by providing a superior service for a lesser or competitive price.

Top 10 Points of Differentiation and Competitive Advantages:

1. Price Point: Affordable
2. Quality: Certified teachers
3. Validation: National AdvancED accreditation
4. Technology: Proprietary e-Tutor™ software system
5. Curriculum: Proprietary, enrichment-based, national standards-aligned
6. Community Partner: Advocate/school sponsor
7. Consistency: Same tutor each week
8. Results: 2.6 years average growth
9. System: AIM Tutoring System®
10. Assessment: Woodcock Johnson IV academic assessment and proprietary learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®

All Omega franchise tutoring centers open accredited nationwide through Advanced, the largest and most respected accreditation organization in the world. Because of our AdvancED accreditation, Omega Learning® franchisees benefit from the recognition, respect and support of local public schools and educators in their communities.

e-Tutor Software

conference photoUnderstanding the importance of an “Academic Team” within a successful tutoring system, Omega placed a direct line of communication at the core of its business model, and created a software system facilitating daily, reciprocal communication between Omega tutors, parents, and schoolteachers, maximizing each student’s academic growth. Omega tutors are able to easily manage their student’s progress and send email daily progress updates to parents and school teachers through our e-Tutor software system.

AIM Tutoring System®

tutoringphototeenager girl 5.17.13Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® provides the framework for our programs and has helped tens of thousands of children and young adults achieve success, where other math and reading tutoring programs and private tutors have failed. Students build the vital critical thinking skills needed for success in all levels of math and reading.

Students participate in targeted enrichment activities that build important critical thinking skills, needed to apply the basics of math and reading to more advanced learning concepts.

Omega’s highly qualified math and reading tutors integrate five key objectives throughout your student’s customized tutoring program.

Omega franchisees will have access to exclusive software system to provide its tutors with a highly effective progress management and communications platform. Tutors share important daily progress updates with all members of your student’s “Academic Team,” including parents and school teachers.