Discovery Process

Begin Your Discovery Process

The Omega Learning® Center Discovery process begins with our engaging online franchise presentation, which is held each Friday at 12 pm eastern standard time. Omega’s online presentation covers our entire educational franchise business system and lasts approximately 45 minutes. If you are unable to attend our Friday webinar, an individual appointment can be arranged. Also, check out our additional websites: and

Discovery Day

The Omega Learning® Center Discovery Day allows educational franchise prospects to get an in depth look at our business opportunity. This fun-filled day of insightful experiences is the absolute best way for you to determine if Omega is the right tutoring franchise for you and your family. Omega’s Discovery Day meetings are held at our National Support Center in Kennesaw, GA by invitation only.

Discovery Day Itinerary:


  • Support center tour
  • Interview with the Executive Team
  • Business system overview
  • FDD highlight
  • Software system demonstration
  • Territory discussion
  • Franchisee visit


Omega Learning® Center’s Mission, Vision, and Values
Mission: To provide customized instruction that achieves each family’s educational goals.
Vision: Driven by our Christian values and passion for excellence, Omega Learning® provides superior educational services, building a stronger community one family at a time.
Values: F.I.R.S.T. – Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Teamwork