Comprehensive Assessment

With a decade of validated results, Omega Learning® Center franchise provides an exclusive and comprehensive solution to help your family reach your academic goals. Each student participates in an academic assessment and a learning style assessment to help your Academic Advisor customize your tutoring program and achieve accelerated results. A customized tutoring program created by your local Omega franchise is developed for your student based on the results of both assessments, their school grades, study habits, and your family goals.

wjAcademic Assessment

The well-respected Woodcock Johnson academic assessment evaluates your student in all areas of reading and math. The results pinpoint skill gaps and academic strengths that shape your program.


mystudyLearning Style Assessment

Omega’s exclusive learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®, determines your student’s primary learning style; auditory, visual, or tactile and provides your tutor with the initial insight to jump start your tutoring program.


Areas of Academic Testing

The Woodcock Johnson administered by every Omega Franchisee academically compares your student against regional norms and places them in a grade and month within that grade for specific academic areas within reading and math. Reading testing includes sight words, fluency, comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary. Math testing includes calculation, fluency, word problems, and math reasoning.

The results of this valuable assessment provides our franchise tutors with the insight to focus on strengthening the academic areas of most concern, which maximizes your time and monetary investment in a tutoring program.

Primary Learning Styles

There are three primary types of learning styles:

Omega-Sight -iconVisual – You learn best through SEEING. You learn best by reading, watching a demonstration, and looking at graphics and illustrations.

Omega-Hearing -iconAuditory – You learn best through HEARING. You learn best by hearing lectures, having information verbally repeated, and having information read to you.

Omega-Touch-iconTactile – You learn best through TOUCH. You learn best by using hands on manipulatives, moving while learning, and experiencing the learning through action.